About Us

Kathrin Achenbach
Kathrin is a communications specialist with extensive experience as an educator, bridging language, cultural and social divides in settings around the world. Her interests include inquiry on how communities are created through verbal, non-verbal, visual, and face-to-face interactions. She believes that shared experiences grounded in respect and genuine curiosity are the foundation for healthy communities. Kathrin teaches middle-school and volunteers with local social action groups.

Aimée Lehmann
Aimée began her community development work in Africa with the Peace Corps in Kenya and later, working with refugees across east Africa. She also worked with indigenous communities in Amazonas, Brazil, collaborating with local leaders and stakeholders to identify and address community priorities around health and education. Now a writer and mother of two teenagers in Ithaca, she’s eager to reconnect with her roots in participatory community development through WEAVE Community.

Neil Schill
Neil specializes in developing technology to transform complex data into useful and accessible information. As an early pioneer and proponent of the internet in 1994, he served as a consultant to over 50 countries, helping them develop and implement communication strategies online, and bringing people from different backgrounds together. Neil advocates for sustainable communities and serves on the board of Sustainable Finger Lakes.

Johannes Lehmann
Johannes is originally from Munich, Germany, and has lived in Ithaca for 20 years. He is teaching in the agricultural college at Cornell University, investigating smallholder agricultural systems in the tropics, organizing environmental science programs and exploring the intersection of art and sustainability science. Johannes has co-founded a non-profit, serves on the board of several environmental organizations, scientific journals, and federal committees. He believes in community engagement and the power of joint experiences.