Community Engagement: AskPearl 

AskPearl Ithaca & Tompkins County

Designed for curious people who want more than a cursory overview of what’s happening in Tompkins County.

Local resource featuring events, activities,  and opportunities that promote social interactions and engagement. 

We developed AskPearl to help dislodge those personal blind spots that habits and social media algorithms create,  revealing a larger, more complete picture of what the community offers.

Socializing and spending time together face-to-face is essential for a vibrant community. AskPearl was an open invitation to participate and experience something new and different.

We worked with local businesses, non-profits, radio stations and news outlets to counteract the increasing fragmentation of information and create access and inclusion across different social, cultural and economic groups.

Our aim was to highlight what’s often overlooked or undervalued, bridging the neighborhoods, villages, towns, and colleges that comprise greater Tompkins County.

Growth and change start when people connect and share experiences.

We believe that in a healthy community, everyone feels invited to participate and engage.